By offering UPS, inverters, and solar solutions, Du Pont helps clients mitigate the impact of power disruptions and ensure continuous operations. These back-up power services provide peace of mind and enable businesses to maintain productivity, protect critical data, and minimize downtime during power outages or unstable power supply situations. Du Pont’s experts can assess specific requirements and recommend the most suitable back-up power solutions tailored to the needs of your business. Here are the key services we provide:

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply): A UPS system is designed to provide temporary power during electrical outages or fluctuations. Du Pont offers UPS solutions that can supply power to critical equipment, ensuring continuous operation and protecting against data loss or damage.

Inverters: Inverters convert DC power from a battery or other power source into AC power, commonly used by most electrical devices. Du Pont’s inverter solutions provide an alternative power source during power outages, enabling you to operate essential equipment.

Solar Solutions: Du Pont offers solar power solutions as a sustainable source of backup power, reducing reliance on traditional energy sources. We mitigate the negative impact of unstable electricity supply by providing innovative solutions, along with affordable payment options. We do not believe in commoditised, packaged solutions – every solution we provide is customised to our customer’s unique needs. We work to understand what you need, how you operate and your current energy consumption pattern. We offer solutions for all businesses from smaller companies who only have office space requirements, right through medium and larger size businesses with higher power requirements. Our solutions cater from 5kw power through to 50kw.

We offer:

  • A detailed site inspection visit to understand your requirements
  • A written tailored proposal by an expert team
  • No capital outlay, only a monthly subscription
  • A digital no-fuss onboarding process & servicing model
  • A bespoke, managed solution to enable maximum savings
  • Installation, training and additional COC, other certifications included
  • 24/7 ongoing monitoring, which can be extended to an individual plug point or DB switch level (incl. smart timers)
  • Ability to purchase / upgrade the solution at any point
  • 36, 60, 84 and 120 month terms, thereafter 3-month notice period (complexity and cost increases tenure)

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