Du Pont Solutions offers a cloud-based, VoIP PBX system delivering a secure, reliable phone service for business. It provides a combination of cost-effectiveness, scalability, and robust features while reducing telephony costs. No upfront capital investment required. A cloud hosted PBX gives you state-of-the-art equipment that’s future-proof, you will always have the latest features, and will never need to worry about maintenance or upgrades. It offers the best of both worlds by being a cost-effective way to get PBX-calibre features without the risk or challenges of managing your network.

It’s ideal for multiple locations, supporting branch offices, remote workers and new sites as your business expands. It provides business continuity, supporting 24/7, mobile, on the road operations. Our services are hosted in rock solid data centres, with disaster recovery built in.

Our hosted PBX systems, or virtual phone systems, enable you to have a fully functional telephony service without purchasing system hardware, other than handsets. The hosted PBX systems include both traditional PBX functionality and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), using the Internet to transmit calls​. You can also use the hosted PBX through an app on your smartphone, tablet or laptops, so any user who is not in the office will be able to make and receive calls as if they were sitting at their desk​.

The advantage of this is:​

  • No mobile phone costs are incurred, you pay for the calls at the same rate as if the user was in the office using the PBX.​
  • The number displayed to the customer will be the office number and not the individual staff mobile number​.
  • If one member of staff wants to talk to another, by dialing their office extension they will be connected and the calls will be free​, like an internal call.
  • Using their individual direct numbers the staff can be contacted directly by their clients.
  • You could have your switchboard operator answering calls and putting them through to staff member as if they were all in the office.​​


Du Pont is a “Voice Over IP” provider, supplier and wholesaler, enabling us to offer tailor-made solutions at unbeatable VOIP rates on carrier grade equipment using first-class VOIP technology. Our service is flexible and can grow organically as your business changes.

Du Pont offers a comprehensive range of VoIP gateways, that can integrate with any telecoms system. Our service includes a host of value-added features:

  • A holistic, onsite evaluation of your current telephony usage and equipment
  • Installation of all telephony equipment (routers and phones)
  • Free geographic number porting
  • Free inter-branch calls via your VoIP telephone system
  • Calls are charged on a per-second-usage-basis, delivering savings to you
  • Expense management expertise and advice
  • A national network of agents to service your voice solutions
  • A 24-hour turnaround for an onsite technician
  • A dedicated support desk, operating 24×7
  • Telephony abuse management
  • Low-cost physical connectivity and a fast Internet connection


CRM integration is designed to enable customer information to flow between your telephony systema and the applications you use to run your business. It creates an accurate, comprehensive picture of your customers and prospects. Du Pont’s Hosted PBX solution integrates with any CRM system that has a REST API to match an email or a number, to a customer account in your CRM, helpdesk or ticketing system. PBX-CRM integrations allow you to automatically record call logs (including phone numbers, call times, call length, and hold times). You can also link call recordings to customers’ CRM profiles.

Du Pont Hosted PBX supports many CRMs out of the box. If your CRM is not in the list, we can easily create a template to integrate with your CRM using our CRM integration Wizard.


In all likelihood, you’ve been using your business number in all your communication for years. So if you move premises, or change your telecoms supplier, you want your telephone number to move with you, right? You can. We can “port” or “move” your business number to Du Pont. No ordering new business cards. Your customer engagement is not interrupted – especially important if you are porting your customer support number. Through Du Pont Solutions, you can access to the best telecom providers, seamless connectivity and competitive rates.


Du Pont has an ICASA Individual Electronic Communications Service (IECS) licence. ICASA has allocated a range of unique telephone numbers to Du Pont which we provide to customers for both incoming and outgoing calls. Du Pont has an unlimited number of telephone numbers so we can provide Direct Inward Dialling (DID) to our customers even if they do not have sufficient telephone numbers.

Direct Inward Dialling (DID) is a telephone service that allows a phone number to ring through directly to a specific phone at a business instead of going to a menu or a queue or needing to dial an extension. A phone number that is used like this is often called a “DID” (and multiple numbers are called “DIDs”).


Du Pont Solutions has the largest fully compliant international coverage of local, national, mobile, toll-free Voice and SMS-enabled virtual phone numbers, covering more than 80 countries and 4,380 area codes worldwide. Services are delivered securely over a private or public network.

These virtual telephone numbers are not tied to a specific phone line, so they can be assigned to any device: like a desk IP phone, a mobile phone app, or a desktop softphone app. This cloud-based VoIP solution is a cost-effective service for businesses looking for a versatile solution to communicate with team members and customers all over the world.

Companies operating globally can provide their customers with a virtual number that is local to a specific region, creating an easier way to connect and increasing customer satisfaction. Local DID numbers make it easy and cost effective to promote sales in multiple countries for businesses that don’t necessarily have a presence in those geographies.

Instantly enhance your professional image with vanity or golden DIDs. A great way to build a strong company brand is to select a phone number that is instantly recognizable. A toll-free number such as 0800 increases consumer confidence in the company, while toll-free vanity or gold numbers such as 0800-NEW-JEEP or 0800-555-7777 are easy to remember and promote visibility.

Moreover, calls can be redirected to different locations at different times as required, depending on the availability of staff.

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